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Truk Lagoon 2021

With WWII wrecks scattered across 77 square miles, diving in Truk Lagoon is an adventure that you’ll never forget. The wrecks are covered with life, including over 300 varieties of soft and hard corals. The outer reef consists of miles of coral that stretch as far as the eye can see, before dropping off into the abyss.

Water Temps: 82-84° F.
Current: Little to None
Visibility: 30-100’ depending on location within the lagoon.


The day aboard Odyssey begins after a 7:00 a.m. hot breakfast with your first dive briefing around 7:45. You will be able to do two dives before lunch. During lunch we usually move to a new site. After lunch you have the option to either do another dive, or relax on the either of the sundecks or in the privacy of your own stateroom. A late afternoon dive is also offered. Around 6:30 p.m. a sumptuous dinner will be waiting for you. After dinner you may choose to do a night dive. At night guests usually gather in the entertainment lounge to enjoy a movie, or review what was captured that day in video.


Trip Includes

  • 7 Nights, 8 Days aboard the Odyssey

  • 2-5 Dives Daily

  • Night Dives Available

  • Tanks, Weights, and Belts

  • Port & Immigration Fees


  • Taxes & Park Fees

  • Airfare

  • Airport Transfers

  • Gratuities


Some History

As a major Japanese base in WWII, Truk Lagoon(now called Chuuk Lagoon) housed hundreds of boats; ranging from small merchant ships, to the two heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever built. But when Allied forces came to attack the fleet in 1944, they arrived to a ghost town. The Japanese had learned of the attack and evacuated in the knick of time. Operation Hailstone lasted for three days, as American carrier-based planes sank twelve smaller Japanese warships and thirty-two merchant ships, while destroying 275 aircraft, mainly on the ground. The consequences of the attack made "Truk lagoon the biggest graveyard of ships in the world."

A few decades later, after marine life began to retake and decorate the wreckage, Jacques Cousteau explored the Lagoon and released a documentary about the Atoll and its undersea treasures. With such publicity, Truk Lagoon became a well-known SCUBA Diver’s paradise. The clear waters and easily-accessible wreckage entice divers from around the world to come explore the ruins. Swim around in pristine waters, unhindered by strong currents. There are fighter aircraft, tanks, bulldozers, railroad cars, motorcycles, and much more just waiting to be seen.

Join us aboard the Odyssey as we blend luxurious yacht lounging with top-notch SCUBA diving and make some memories you won’t soon forget.

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